Cove Point, Maryland

Have you ever been to the Chesapeake Bay?   Have you ever hunted for shark's teeth?  Have you ever fished for Rockfish, Spot, Perch or Croakers?   Have you ever been to a private beach that has its own 179 year old lighthouse?  


If you have answered "No" to any of these questions then you and your family need to consider visiting a place that is "trapped in the 1940s".  The place is Cove Point, MD and we have a beautiful home that we rent to extended family, friends and people interested in a unique experience at the largest estuary in the United States. 


The new home was constructed in the Fall of 2004 after the original family home, the "Old Green House"  of sixty years was destroyed by the storm surge from Hurricane Isabel on September 19, 2003.  If you are interested in an opportunity to rent our home for a family vacation or home base to launch day trips in the District, VA, MD or DE feel free to contact us at j[email protected]

Top Left - Looking south down Cove Point beach

Bottom Left - Looking north towards Cove Point Lighthouse with storm clouds

Bottom Right - Looking from driveway to Cove Point Beach - 100 yards away from the Bay, sharksteeth and a walk to the point where the Lighthouse is located